We are a small company that started out spraying foam insulation in 2006 and soon realized that there was a real need for better tools when it came time to scarf (trim) the extra foam that had expanded beyond the studs. We tried various products and finally decided we would need to design something better. The C I Cutter was born after many hours of trial and error and we found that it worked very well on Open Cell Foam. In fact, it worked good enough that we decided to market it.

   It was soon discovered that the Open Cell Cutter did not trim Closed Cell Foam however, so back to the design board we went and designed a different tooth pattern on the Cobs (cutting portion of head) that would cut the harder foam.

   As a company, we decided it would better fit our interests and help the other Foam Sprayers more for us to concentrate solely on designing and building tools and so we sold our Foam Rig and have been selling our products since.